Year 5 Atmospheric Writing

In Year 5, we have been learning about atmospheric writing, using the text ‘The Iron Man’ to inspire us. We have focused on including various techniques into our writing to build an atmosphere and create a feeling of suspense. These include rhetorical questions, short sentences for impact, relative clauses to add extra detail and powerful adjectives for effect. We would like to share some extracts of our written work below.

‘By the unsafe sea, there was silence. It was midnight and no human or animal stirred in their clam homes. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a monstrous sound. What was it? Then, there it was-a gigantic figure made out of ragged metal!’ Sophia H

‘This creature was made of iron, all iron. The Iron Man swayed from side to side.  His eyes-which were as colossal as headlamps- shone a light upon the path. The gigantic Iron Man- whose head was as big as a dustbin- stood silently at the edge of the cliff. The wind howled through his enormous iron fingers.’ Joseph 

‘He stepped off. Why did he do that? Down he went, tumbling from rock to rock, boulder to boulder. Each time he dented his gigantic iron body so densely that his iron legs fell off, his iron ears fell off. A few minutes later, a seagull, who was scavenging for food, looked at the body parts falling rapidly towards the soft, crumbling sand below.’ Oscar 

‘The Iron Man took one immense step from his monstrous foot- which dangled and swayed in the silent wind. He had gone! The Iron Man fell down the cliff hitting and bumping on the rocks far down below. Why did he step off the cliff? His legs detached from his great iron body. Then his arms and his hands detached from his arms. All of his body was separated. ‘ Esmee


KS1 Stories

In KS1 we love to share stories. Take a look at our book display. Do you have any of these at home? How many have you read or shared with someone?

Time Capsule

Today we went to the secret garden to dig up our time capsule that we buried back in September when we started Year 1. We all decided that we had achieved the targets we set ourselves this year. We have all had a wonderful year and now it’s time to enjoy the summer holiday!

Super Spellers Summer 2019

Congratulations to Polly, Hunter, Ava, Harrison, Will, Millie, Rohan, Archie, Alfie, Alisha, Hollie and Ryan who were all chosen by their teachers for fantastic spelling this term! All of the children’s names were put into a lucky dip to win a Kindle Fire. The 2 lucky winners were Ava in KS1 and Archie in KS2. Well done everybody!