Year 1 Phonics

Today we learnt a new digraph ‘ea’ as in sea. We learnt the action alongside using Bug Club Phonics.

We then built words with our letter cards and made a list of all the words.

Children then took part in various activities including Teach a monster to read, phoneme board spelling, word building and blending to read cards. We ended with a story called ‘sweet dreams.’

Year 5 Library Time

Today we enjoyed visiting the school library for our weekly library time and to choose our ‘reading for pleasure’ book. We used the Dewey system to help us find non-fiction books that we were interested in reading. We also looked at a selection of fiction and poetry books, using the blurb to learn more about the books and which ones we would like to take home.


Year 5 Drama

In our English extended story unit, we are learning about the story ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, written by Michael Morpurgo.  This week we have been immersing ourselves into the text through taking part in drama activities. Today we had lots of fun with role play and ‘hot seating.’ Some of the children took on the roles of different characters from the story and sat in the ‘hot seat, whilst the rest of the class asked them interesting questions, to help with their understanding of what we have read so far.  We have some fabulous actors in Year 5! 


Year 1 Author of the term

We have been reading lots of books written by Mari Hedderwick and have discovered that the island of Strauy that she writes about in her stories is a real island is Scotland called the island of Coll. This is where Mari lived for some time with her family.  We have enjoyed her stories and also finding out real facts about Coll.